Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Our goal is to supply the correct quality tool to suit the job and our materials and manufacture are designed to fulfil the task the tool has been designed for.

We operate a standard guarantee for all of our tools which is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Products that contain consumable elements are not guaranteed and these items have this consumable clause printed on all packaging.

For these items a replacement part is available to purchase. Manufacturers’ of Automotive Specialist Tools


If this product fails through faulty materials or workmanship, contact our service department direct on: +44 (0) 1926 818186. Normal wear and tear are excluded as are consumable items and abuse.

consumable Spares & Consumables

When a component is considered vulnerable, due to the nature of the task, we offer spare parts to all our stockists.

A complete list of these spares can be found in our latest catalogue

Some of the most common ones are listed below:

  • Mandrils from Riveters
  • Hex, Spline, Star, Ribe Bits
  • Particularly T40 Star bits where they have been fixed with Locktite
  • Power bar heads
  • Ratchet repair kits
  • Chisel, punches, cutters
  • Stud extractors inners

Bars and Thrust Nut assembly on Bush removal tools. Due to the nature of the task these bars are considered consumable and are particularly vulnerable.

The centre bar and thrust nut MUST be greased regularly to ensure the tool works effectively. 90% of the returned cases show that this bar and nut have not been greased adequately and have therefore failed due to mis-use.

Lubrication RequiredWe have added an Icon to our new catalogue that identifies where there is a threaded bar which requires greasing BEFORE AND AFTER use. Any of these bars returned that show no visual grease will not be credited.

Torque Wrenches

Torque wrenches should always be returned to zero, after use to maintain calibration.

These tools are precision instruments and should always be kept in a clean dry environment.


As a gesture of goodwill we have included batteries where possible and taken the precaution of covering the terminal to stop unnecessary power loss. When the product is purchased this protective sleeve should be removed before use. Batteries that fail are considered consumable and not covered by our warranty.

Any product with a rechargeable battery relies on a regular recharge and some have a shelf life of approx. 3 months.

If a products battery fails due to being drained without a regular recharge it is not covered by the standard warranty.

Returning Goods

Our representatives are now responsible for checking through the goods to be returned and can only accept tools that comply with our above guarantee.

If the goods are returned and not accepted by the company as complying with our policy, the representative will normally be asked to return them to you and explain the reason why. Remember:

  • Only tools supplied by The Tool Connection are covered
  • The tools must have been sold in the last 12 months
  • Wear and tear is not reasonable grounds for return.
  • Misuse, including failing to grease a draw bar is not covered.


  1. Your representative will go through the returns with you and will only take items that clearly are genuinely faulty and have not been abused.
  2. If goods are found to be faulty ask for a sales receipt to identify date of purchase (If this is not possible check the obvious state of the goods).
  3. Check to see if the tool is definitely a Tool Connection product (Laser, Gunson or Kamasa).
  4. Check if it has been misused.
  5. Any sign of being greased (if a bush tool).
  6. T40 bits are often fixed with Locktite and forced removal will put the bit under too much pressure. Heat the fixing with a hot air gun to melt the glue before attempting to remove the bolt.
  7. Condition of the product.
  8. Is it a consumable element (see packaging)?
  9. Complete the necessary forms with the REASON why the tool is being returned.
  10. Make the arrangements for collection.
  11. If the tool is rejected by our service team, the tool will be returned to the customer with the reason why it has been rejected. This will normally be via your next order or via our Sales Representative. Alternatively, with confirmation we can scrap the tool.  Any products that are returned need to include your details and a detailed description of the fault if not obvious.


It is common knowledge hand tools are subject to abuse and most tools can withstand the robust environment. But sometimes the abuse will put the tool under pressure and cause it to fail. Common techniques that are considered abuse:

  • Signs of hammer marks where extreme force has been applied
  • Electrical products with obvious sign of water or moisture
  • Products supplied with handles are for hand tightening only. Signs of extending the leverage with power bars is abuse and extends the torque beyond the accepted levels
  • Impact guns used on threaded bars or other components
  • Signs of the tools being dropped
  • Signs of the tool being modified or dismantled
  • Torque Wrenches left wound up
  • Threaded bars obviously used without grease

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