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Have you seen the new Laser Tools’ catalogue for 2018?

Laser Tools are excited to announce their brand new 840-page 2018 tool catalogue, fully revised and updated, to offer you the UK's most exciting and innovative range of tools, workshop equipment, HSE, PPE and much, much...
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Posted on Tuesday 20 February 2018

Comprehensive Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Tool Set

With correct tyre pressures vehicles save fuel, produce fewer emissions and are safer. This is why manufacturers are now fitting Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and the professional tyre technician needs the...
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Posted on Monday 12 February 2018

Misplaced your Mercedes-Benz locking wheel nut adaptor?

Tyre fitters — you know that blank look you get when you ask the owner where the locking wheel nut adaptor is? Don't get out a hammer and chisel, instead reach for this new locking wheel nut adaptor set from Laser Tools...
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Posted on Monday 05 February 2018

Turn your spanner into a power bar with this spanner extension wrench

Rusty, tight or seized nuts? To gain some extra leverage it can be tempting to use two spanners, hooking one over the end of the other — the two spanner trick. But that can be a dangerous idea, spanners are not shaped...
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Posted on Tuesday 23 January 2018

Difficult to access glow plugs? Try this new set of dedicated glow plug sockets.

You've got a faulty glow plug. Should be easy to replace, it just screws out doesn't it? But you'll be lucky to even see it, never mind actually get access to remove it. It can be a real problem, as the glow plugs are...
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Posted on Thursday 18 January 2018

Reach those inaccessible fasteners with this innovative, super-slim, flexi-head ratchet

You can see the fastener but you know you can't get a socket or driver bit onto it without dismantling half the engine? You need this new super-slim flexi-head ratchet from Laser Tools (part number 6744). One end is a...
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Posted on Wednesday 10 January 2018

Release Henn-type hose clamps in seconds

Laser Tools are well known for specialist solutions and this new hose clamp removal tool (part number 6938) is specifically designed to release Henn type connector clamps used commonly on air, intercooler and cooling...
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Posted on Wednesday 03 January 2018

Off-road puncture? Repair it quickly and easily without having to remove the tyre from the wheel

This new temporary tyre repair kit (part number 6806) is ideal for repairing punctures on tubeless tyres fitted to agricultural and off-road vehicles. The repair plugs allow tubeless tyres to be repaired without...
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Posted on Monday 18 December 2017

Remove hoses and tubes quickly and safely with these hose removal pliers

When undertaking vehicle servicing or repairs, removing rubber or plastic hoses and tubes can be a real problem if they have not been removed for some time. Attempting to lever them off with screwdriver or pliers can be...
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Posted on Tuesday 12 December 2017

Handy pipe cutter is supplied with smooth-action ratchet handle for added versatility

This new ratchet action pipe cutter from Laser Tools (part number 6736) combines a very handy and compact pipe cutter with a lightweight but very robust alloy ratchet handle.The pipe cutter is easily attached to the...
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Posted on Thursday 07 December 2017
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